Thursday, July 17, 2008

so long ......and thanks for all the fish

Yes today was Alans last day and so we celebrated with Moet. Oh my gosh how amazing. In 51 years I have never tried a bnottle. It was divine. It tasted GREAT!!!

Not too dry and not too sweet. Perfect in fact and the decision was we could go another..

Al is now officially unemployed..for the moment. I am so happy for him. Go Alan go!!!!
So we head into the future full of anticipation. Looking forward to seeing ALL our children on Saturday night AND my amazing grandchildren


Phrog said...

Bonus Points for the HHGTTG quote.

Yay Al, See you tomorrow.

kirstypiper said...

Woot!!! Go daddyo! I am thinkking its you guys shout on Saturday, and Moet would go down a treat!!!!

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