Monday, July 28, 2008

Clare and Shanes Party

Nat looked very funky in her hat and coat
The highlight for me was having Vicki, John AND Mrs Hardcastle there
Having Heaps of fun
Some of the kitchen crew
OK finally an all in picture but not so good shot really

The engagement party was a hoot.. The hall great a bit fresh with the weather but hey who really cares. We shopped till we dropped on Saturday. Had a great time. We bought way too much food for the big night.

It was great to meet Clare and Shanes friends and Shanes family. All my children deserve a medal for the work they put in. All my children including the in law ones, I love you all..

My shots of the night are a little miserable really. None of the couple and none of Mick, and many others but hey it was a great night. I will upload more pictures shortly

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