Friday, July 4, 2008


Well its time for five favourite favs AGAIN

I must have no life as i really struggle to find more favs...OK
1.Watching whales it and yes its whale season again
2.Reading comments from my grandchildren on my blog..It gives me a warm fuzzy.
3. Fridays..need I say more
4. Reading a great relaxing
5. Watching Molly play with her toys and waiting for you to take her for a walk and seeing her understand the words "outside" "new toy" "hungry" "walk" "car" "wee" I think these are possibly Mollys 5 favs Oh and her favouritist thing is sitting on Als lap at night.

Thats it for this week. Getting a bit poor really I think I will have to go to monthlies...the mind boggles


kirstypiper said...

Nup you are doing GREAT! You have lots of faves, I am sure...every time something makes you smile during the week, write it down, it helps I promise!

Love ya!

kirstypiper said...

To Ginny please up date your blog
and thank you for our parsel
lots of love Natalie