Saturday, May 24, 2008

a week off work..but not so happy

Why am I not happy that I have a week off work. I Think I am depressed. I have a supposed stress fracture..which I must have got with all my jogging I do..I have a bone scan tomorrow and will know more then. I also have a bone island in my hip which is a benign tumor. O golly gosh !!! We are off to Melbourne on Thursday back Sunday after going to the careforce conference then celebrating aunty Barbs 60th!!!! at the titanic restaurant ..mind u we are going steerage!!! I mean to say Steerage as iF??????
Then the following weekend we are off to Port Macuarie for My great nephew in law Timmys 40th!!! heck when did he get to be so old. I thought he was way younger then me not a mere 11 years SCARY!!

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danndel said...

We love you heaps and heaps Mary and hope that you are feeling better soon.