Saturday, May 10, 2008


What a day to reflect on the amazing gift I have been given in my children. All my babies are adults now and even thou8gh I love them dearly..its really sad not to have my babies back when they were little. I wish I could be wise and explain to people how my children were my life. I never wished they weren't there, I never minded being tied to them for years when I ewas breastfeeding.. They really weree my life, my reason for existing. I was so blessed to be married to the most amazing husband whio=o allowed mwe to stay home with them and not worry about working. I don't think work ever entered my head as a thing to do.. YES my years with my babies were precious. And now all but 1 are married!! Well Clare is certainly on the way. My eldest has her own 3 babies. And my tiny baby my youngest is married and I feel I have lost him as he has his own life..AARRHHH I'm being morbid.

But I think what continues to amaze me is how wonderful my children are ALL of them,.. Such precious gifts. They are all different and all have turned into adults that I love and LIKE and admire. They all have great morals and great standards and all love their Mum (even though dan has already booked me a spot in an old ladies home)

I remember when Kirsty was born so beautiful, so fragile just like a could I have produced such beauty!!!! and today still fragile in many ways but makes me laugh so much and relates so well to how I feel.

I remember when Daniel was born the absolute shock of a boy..we Reid girls did not do boys. I had no expectation and so I just loved this beautiful baby who grew into an amazing child and adult..has a tough exterior but a very soft spot inside esp for his Mummy.

I remember when Clare was born. Gosh a real little angel. So peaceful and such a gentle child. Always had gifts that amaze me. Was so tidy and clean and after her visit today that is still a large part of her nature. Loved to do things, finish things great girl,.

I remember when AJ was born. Such a blessing. another girl another bundle of joy. She came into the world peacefully, but soon became loud and demanding and yet so full of the abundance of love and joy. She is still loud, still demanding but still makes me laugh every day.

AND THEN THERE IS KIM!! Kim was such a shock to our system, but his birth and his life were a turning point in my life. When he was born Al and I were in awe. 5 Perfect children. A little boy a brother for Dan.. our ray of sunshine that was the sunshine in all our lives. He is still the baby. Still adored by his sisters. YEs.. God is good,

That is just a brief account of my children and how much they mean to me.. I love them. WE now have wonderful son in laws (nearly 2) daughter in laws.. (2) Alan and I are blessed.

I am adding a photo of all my delightful children taken recently in Port douglas. Who would think looking at them that they aRE MY REASON FOR LIFE...
In the photo is Kimmy 22 Bethy 22 Me (the maja) AJ 24 Kirsty (hiding away) (over 30) Alan (My lovoely hisband and the Faja) Clarey 27 Adele 30 and Dan 30 Aren't they beautiful

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kirstypiper said...

Aaaaaaaw mumsy, you maked me cry! I love you so much, and I understand totally about how important these 'littlie' years are. I can already see my girlies forming opinions and saying things that aren't influenced by me!!

Love you:-)