Monday, May 5, 2008

Number 3..

OK I addad some photos. These are of our good friends San and Kev when they came to visit 2 weeks ago. We went for lunch and had heaps of fun catching up.
AJ, Kim and Bethy came too.
Well my little Charli is having a princess party. O my gosh how exciting..I loved the invitations her Mum made. Not sure where my daughter gets her creativity from but hey!!!!must be MOI

Was thrilled to see photos on Kirstys blog of the babies off at the anzac march and also poor Sam freezing last week in the cold. Lucky super Kitty was there to warm him up.

Not sure when I will see my grandbabies again. Its so hard being a real Ginny so far away.. Its so rottten. I am praying and beleiving that they will get a job nearby..