Saturday, May 17, 2008

MAY and birthdays

So its May and the 4 days that have 3 birthdays...

I remember having Clare. I always thought she would be born in April as I went to the doctors in late April and he said I would go anytime..well Drs should be banned from saying such things. Aunty Sue came to stay and we knitted booties..(all of which of mine fell apart, but they were all made with love) Eventually I was put in for an induction..It was a thurs night. Al was working and he bought home chinese I ate threw up ( as i did) and then he took me to hospital. I awoke in the morning and had a show. They started my induction and had my first big pain at 11.30 and then 1 more and Clare quick.Al just made it again!!!! and today she celebrates 28th birthday.Happy birthday you precious girl.

Aj arrived 3 years and 3 days later. She was a really long labor. I remember the day/night I was in labor. We got our new vinyl laid in the dining room..then I watched the Amco cup footy..then went to hospital at 4am they said I wasn omly 2cm dilated wanted to go home ( after Kirstys long time in hospital I didnot want to repeat that,,) but they wouldn't let me..she arrived at 12.20 pm..she was so quiet I didn't want her biorn on the 19th as it was the day my Dad had died but of course that was the day...and so she turns 25 on Monday AARRGGHH. She is uch a joy happy birthday AJI had also had to give poor little Clare a quick party on the Monday as I had not thought I would still be home!!!!

And then my darling little 2nd granddaughter Charli arrived on the 17th...and she turns 6 tomorrow..where do the years go. Blink and she will be turning 21.. Wish I could be with her. I hope little Charlie that you had fun at school today and all your friends loved your patty cakes that your clever Mummy made. They looked so scrummy. I will talk to you tomorrow and I know you will have the betest day ever and then a party next weekend...WOW.So thats a quick MAY birthday reflection.

My Mum Mary May was also born in May on the first..I really miss her sometimes. I guess you never appreciate your parents enough. I only wish I had been given the chance to appreciate Mum more. I had a difficult time with Mum but God gave me great times with her in her last few years..

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