Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bridal dress shopping

This is the 27 dresses that AJ commented to the lady in the shop about when she was checking out bridesmaid outfits...

AJ commented that yes she had that dress ANd that one and also that one and O YES she had THAT one in a LONG version.."27 dresses actually" I laughed so much.

Then there are the 2 comparison shots of AJ before and after. Bride dress shopping was abit of a chore for her.
Clare and I did wonder who the heck would fit into this dress, even the small one from the current BB would struggle.

OK so I have no idea how to arrange pictures. I obviously have not got to that standard on my learning 2.0!!!!!

This is our bride dress shopping day

First stop all fresh and Clare deciding where to go next

So many choices of gowns 0000's actually

The dressing room is what we saw the most of all day. AJ did fancy a turn with the mirrors.

The day was amazing Clare so very gracious and such a joy to shop with...YAY it was great

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