Saturday, January 23, 2010

My favouritest present ever..or at least this year

My sister Barbara came to visit a few weeks ago. Barbara and her husband live in Echucca Vicand had driven to Hervey Bay for Christmas, to see husband Jason and Katherine.
They spent time there and then travelled to Lismore for a few days. We had organised to go out for dinner on the Tuesday night. I was pleased when she rang Tues morning and said she and friend marilyn would pop out around lunch time ...I mean pop out??? It is a 45 min drive. They arrived..we chatted, had a cool drink and then she gave me a stick with all my dads slides on it. I was stoked.
To way of explanation. My Dad only took slides from about 1965-till his death in 1975. So from when I was about 8-18. So many memories were in these slides for me. I had asked Barb about them a few times..but knew they were safe in her hands..
Anyway when she gave me this USB It was so exciting. I was soo excited..

They left and I spent the aftrnoon loking at all these memories. Loved it. Alan came home and I showed off my new present/toy. We then set off to the Goonellabah club where we all meeting for dinner...3 sisters and a special friend (a 4th sister) and partners for dinner.
At the end of the meal sister Barbara gave Helly and I a wrapped gift. WOW!! When we opened it I cried. She had made the slides into a book for all the 5 Reid girls. so all my sisters (including herself)
Now I know scanning the slides must have been long and painful..It this was the best ever..
Thanks sister Barb. It was a fantastic present..

You really do rockHave just taken a few shots of this book of memories




Might add that my previous post was done by my beloved "special 26 year old" I made the mistake of leaving it (my open post) and there it was. Thanks AJ!!!

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