Saturday, January 30, 2010

my 5 favs

We are finding it a bit tough going at the moment..In fact really challenging. I think it all sucks big time but you know what?? God is in control and I know that it says the truth shall set you free. So we await to be ..ffrreeee

Anyways onto my 5 looking forward to Als party and Danny and Del arriving next weekend..yay that will cheer up the Tyson Household big time.

1..this week would be blogging. It was through this that I was able to read Kirstys beautiful blog about Sammy heading off to school and how she felt about it. I was so sad that we were not there to share this great time with him. He is off into the big wide world now and Kirsty did do an awesome job of describing it. In fact it was so good I did a story about it.. I have hated living so far away from our precious little ones that are now speeding on and upward. So Thanks Kirsty.

2..Sharing Kirsty and Micks story and Sammy and the girls story with all my kids at storytime

3.. well I am guessing doing random at 6.30 last night we decided to go to the movies adn saw "Its complicated"  Great movie..terrible morals..but I laughed was a good funny movie..we both enjoyed it..

4..Cooler weather and rain..we have had the stinkiest longest summer..since Augsust when it got to about 40 degrees we have had hot weather. I am really over to be awoken this morning by cyclonic winds and driving rain coming in our bedroom door..despite 1 metre overhang on our today it has been a pleasant 29 degrees...come on winter..warning to Dan n del better bring some cool clothes..(summer ones that is..wouldn't worry about any jumpers)

5..Again my husband. I feel he is being badly treated I get so angry..but I do know that God is in control..He sucks it up and goes to work..(although he was off 2 days thsi week unwell!!! stress related...who knows) I just love him and think he really is awesome..

Thats it for this week..dont forget to comments makes it all worthwhile..


danndel said...

So excited about seeing you soon and I'm praying for you both xxx

I'm watching "Its Complicated" as I type, its very funny, I love Meryl Streep :)

Kirsty said...

YAY!!!! Visitors make life much more fun! I love you guys SOOOO much. I hope that whatever is planned for you is revealed soon :(
Thanks for sharing Sammy's story! he thinks he is one pretty cool (and famous) little dude!

Love you mum!

Elyse said...

That's such a good idea, making Sam's story into a book :D!!! Just found the piece of paper which you wrote your blog name on :P Will definitly keep watching your blog. Nice pic at the top btw!!

See you @ work :P :P :P :P :P :D


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