Friday, January 22, 2010

My 5 favs

well its sooo long since I have done these ..I struggle to remember how to do it..ha ha ha ha

1..My husband..He is so amazing. He has had a really tough few months with work and he still gets up and goes. This past week would rate up ther as one of the hardest of our married lives..but still he gets up and goes. Kudos to him. I see a man so strong, a man trusting in God, I see a righteous man a man who continues on and perserveres..and you know it says in the bible "perseverence produces hope..and hope does not disappoint. Good on you my husband. What a privilege to call you that.

2... Yep following on from that PRAYER.. This week ( and the past 2 months) have been a pretty tricky time..and so this week prayer certainly rates in my 5. I could not keep going without it..

see had lots of practise

3...The WEEKEND so we got through this hideous week and we made it to the weekend how awesome are weekends. got to love them (says I sitting in my towel at 10.20am)

4.. Ok sitting in my towel I recently became a "fan" of this group on FB..O my gosh I just thought it was me. Love it love it love it. I AM showwered I am ready to get dressed and start the day ..just not yet. YEP LOVE IT!!!

5...Tea at Fishy last night Al and Molly and myself headed out to Lennox Head for dinner. Armed with a bottle of wine and a bit of an appetite. We had the best tiime. Weather was perfect, great seat, Molly was so good, Food and wine was fantastic and company the best. Saw a great sunset and simply relaxed. One of the best spots ever to dine.

Gosh ours was way healtier AND with salad..YUMMO

Well thats it for this week. It has been a bit of an ordinary week..only about 3 weeks till Alans big birthday bash so hope everyone is planning to to all..and I hope to see comments posted..

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