Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 17...

 This was the view from our park..but ocean views

We woke up and went down to a scrummy brakfast in the mostamazing breakfast room..the Hotel really was quite spectacular.
We visited the of many we had popped in on..then it was off. We planned to go Twizel..why I am not sure. I knew they had a LOTR tour. En route we came across Maori rock paintngs..the rocks were home to 1,000's of pigeons. So noisy.

You can xee where the birds were living and a little of the paintings..never knew Maoris painted.

We continued onto Twizel..a little disappointed. Nothing there. We organised to go on th LOTR tour..I had to go(pay to go) as their were no oters going. So after a delicious lunch we met our tour guide..well it was pretty amazing.Loved it (from one who has nOT watched the movies) Amazing info re the filming.It was from the 3rd film. They did 33 days of filming 5am-9pm and used about 30 seconds of film. We were able to participate in a little skit and wear the masks and hold the sword..


 Please note As I kiled him my lines were "I'm no man"

One of the few scenes that were not changed in the film,It was shot downlow so the road on the mountain was hidden behind the trees..aomw dude rode his horse over the creek.

So after realising that Twizel was shutting down at 4pm and also realising there was accommodation at aroaki/mt cook..we setoff on a very scenic trip to this place. We arrived quite late..about 6.30 and booked in to a fairly ordinary room at the heritage motel unit,,It did include a breakfast in the dining room..but we would have LOVED to stay in the main hotel complex. We ate in..cheese bickies and wine (AGAIN) abd settled in hoping it would be fine in the morning so wecould actually see Mount Cook

 The amazing colour of the lake is just how it was


Mount Cokhiding the snow

This pair of ducks were quaking outside our unit in the rain when we arrived


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