Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nearly a recording star

Yep that was me

what a week I have had. So tomorrow is my 5th day of work..even though really Tuesday I was not actually "at work" I was at the recording studio..Need to find out off Danny if I can upload sound to my blog..shame it wasn't on video..

Yep Luke Vassello and I actually got together in his brand new recording studio to burn----no cut a exciting..unfortunatly it was just all nursery rhymes etc which, I might add I can not sing unless I do the actions....LOL.

Luke is a local singer/somgwritter who also happens to come to storytime and he helped me soo much. I have always wanted to do it..but I was very disappointed that I sounded pretty ordinary. I thinkk I used to be able to sing.. Anyway I loved sitting there in front of the big mike and with the head gear on..loved it..I really thinkl I could be on radio..

So i have a cd which we can use if I am ever away from work..if anyone wants to...Friday faves tomrrow.. I reckon this experience will rate

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Phrog said...

Yep, You can rip the CD to MP3, in fact I think I installed a Free MP3 Ripping program on your desktop last time I was there, once that`s up, you should be able to embed MP3`s into your website

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