Friday, July 3, 2009

5 favs

Well really 5 favs again. I think I might have to start with fabulous fours or...only ones..or something. Some weeks I really scratch to come up with 5.....especially this week. I have had a bit of a shocker..testerday I was AWFUL...people at work had never seen me that bad..which is possibly because I never am that bad..but boy o boy I was it just goes to show u how hard the favs will be this week...
So number let me ...yep...nearly got yes!!! having lunch with my transplant buddies. So good to catch up. Feel normal with them..yep that rates...

Number AJ cleaned up the kitchen yesterday morning when I was soooo grumpy. I came out after cleaning my teeth and she said..'look at the kitchen' yep she had tidied it and put the dishwasher on and then said 'but I am not doing it again so don't be in a bad mood again' O well it did make me happy ..very briefly..

Number 3 was watching Molly (the wonder dog) chasing a moth ( a very LARGE moth) all over the house this morning. did egg her on just a little..Hillarious.. up and over the table whining and crying and she watched it the whol;e time. It was sooo funny...

Number 4. Someone cooking you dinner. Our friend Clairebelle came over and cooked the most amazing dinner. Chuicken wrapped in prochetta with parmesan cheese and thyme..YUM and beautifully wrapped vegis parcels,,steamed O YUM YUM.. Thank you Claire it was such a great gift.

Number 5.. OOO UUUMMMM Ok I have it.. Coffee..yep it makes me happy and tastes good and makes you civilized..well sometimes..yep that is it..

Thats it for another week,. If Danny and Donna don't update their blog I will stop slack..cheers guys have a great weekend..and just a reminder only 2 months till we go OS


Kirsty said...


Sorry you had a crappy day:(

danndel said...

Sorry you had such a crappy day yesterday, hope your feeling better, love you!!

PS I keep reminding Daniel that he needs to update his blog!!!

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