Friday, July 17, 2009

5 favs yet again

Ok so my groundhog day continues..Its Friday again and O My Gosh the week has flown by...

So to my favs...
1.. seeing my beautiful daughter (one of my beautiful daughters) so happy. This past week she has had 2 friends to stay and she has been so happy. She has laughed and talked and cried and all the things that you do with a real friend. My heart was just so happy seeing her happy. Its hard in a country area to make good friends, and she does have friends, but these girls were with her in bible college and one was a roomie/housemate and so know heaps about each other ..good and bad..yep this week that really has rated as my number 1!!

2.. funny enough this is also about the same daughter...yep she is away this week...YAY!! so as happy as I was to see her happy...I am thrilled that she has gone 'west' to visit her wonderful sister who lives in the boonies.. Al and I get time alone so that is really exciting too..

3..This would really rate..getting Kim and Bethys rabbitt back into the laundry..where it lives. It really was a nightmare time looking after Houdini. Kim and Bethy still call it Sunny (the rabbitt) but we know its real name. The first night we went over it escaped into the house 'somewhere' all doors were open including the door to the garage but we managed to find it and lure it into the kitchen and all was good...the next night we went over and as I peeked in to see the cute bunny...HORROR!!! It was gione It had flown the coop.or at least the laundry.. so after an 45 min run round the house..trying to coax it with broccolli etc we finally got it back into the laundry..AAHH!! But then the next morning I was worried about the mess I has kleft from where the rabbitt had been out all day , so good Mother that I am I thought I would go over on my way to work and tidy up. So I just popped in AND>>>>!!!!!.......yep you guessed it. It was out AGAIN...Houdini had struck again.. so after finding it andd then chasing it around the house with a mop, blocking doorways with pillows.. etc etc etc, I was VERY happy to see it slide sideways through the laundry door,,,straight through its litter tray and bang into the wall on the other side.. Yep that rates as a fav.. It also rates as my most stressful part of the week. I think I now know why we never had rabbitts..

I think this is What Houdini was up to...behind the lounge

4.. being a media star. so this week the library launched a new baby program called 10 minutes a day sponsored by the Newcastle permanent and yep I was asked to read to the kidlets..mind u the kidlets had been dragged in from the library upstairs (and I think some from off the street) so they could have a young audience..but yep I got to be on NBN.. No please its Ok I will sign all autographs.. just be patient and stand in line..

number 5 would be my husband and our love of coffee/time together. Whenever I am in town and he is at work, we usually catch up for a quick coffee..I love that after 34 years married we can still love spending time together. I think I had a misconception that when you were married "forever" (as I thought my parents were after 33 years married ) that you just stopped having those intimate moments. But I am pleased to announce to all you who only have a few years together..its not true and spending time together is still precious to us..

Yep It s a latte

ooo how young we were...That is Fr Macarthur who is infamous in Australia for his Fr macs heavenly puddings...He died in the early 90's. Great man

So that is it for another week. Hope your weekend is amazing and your week great too. Thasnks for popping by and would really love some comments. I know Kirsty has a throng of people who comment so come on give me a thrill this week and let me see heaps of comments...

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Kirsty said... that Sunny bunny rated as a fave...well, not the actuall rabbit, but the wabbit hunting!!!

I shall have to keep saving any scraps of paper with your writing on them to auction off on ebay...

Truly, I only get comments cause I visit lots of people and comment on their blogs...

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