Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another 5 favs and Pete the sheep

Pete the sheep the kids did for national simultaneous storytime and Molly relaxing

My 5 favs..

This week is not fair and really shouldn't count as I thinkl I was duped for time..

1.. Old friends. Spent time with My 'old' friends Glen and Donna Bush last weekend. I know not so much of the "old" Great people and I await with eager anticipation for Donna to update her blog..It was so good just to spend time with them. Makes me realise how I don't really have any real friends anymore and just how precious those people are..the ones we call friends. People you can laugh with and cry with..It was great and had an awesome time..Could have helped because Al and I won the game we were playing.

2. OK so number 2 would be kids at storytime. I just love their little faces and their funny sayings and things. I had one little girl who was so excited to be going to do some 'karate' (craft) and another precious one who has been coming for ages and never really talks who sat down on the floor in front of me and asked "Mary did you go the lantern parade?" o so amazing and very preciious..

3.. My daughters blog about Bookweek. O heck it made me smile. So cute!!! way cute,,AND it wasn't me having to come up with something..O YEAH!!! That made me smile heaps.. Thanks Kirsty for making my day..

4.. Well another thing that made me smile this week was easy meals.. Yep when I am tired there is nothing nicer then leftovers, eggs on toast or cheese and bickies. Yep I am a fan and unfortunately we possibly have these way too often.

5.. Cold nights. Love them. Snuggle down in a warm bed. feet on my wonderful husband and I am off.. Yes I might add hate getting up, or being out in the cold but love sleeping in the cold, Beats the heat anytime..

Anyway thats it folks..I just downloaded all my pictures from my mobile and lst them..yep..thats what I did and so still looking for them to upload them but at this stage they are lost..ones I have had on my mobile for 15 months all gone. Now that will not rate in my favs next week./.Love to all..

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Kirsty said...

Book week is SO not fun!!!! LOL note it did NOT rate in my own faves this week;)
Love the faves again mumsy:)