Friday, June 19, 2009

What a day

Today has been a great day...long but amazing. Last night we flew into Canberra at about 11pm. OiTiT boy it was cold. It was a great trip and Dan n Del arrived a few minutes after we deplaned and so it was off to Binna Burra place. So good to be here.
It was up at 8am and the realisation that Al had left his good pants at home. Problem solved wear your jeans....O great. We are off to the supreme court and Alan is wearing his $6 (very nice) Levi jeans...O well. He did and looked pretty funky.
We headed off at 9.30 in a rather chilly 4 degrees. O my gosh. I was rugged up and it was cold. But great to be here in the Nationals Capital.
We arrived at our destination but .....No parks. Simple we go to Canberra Centre and park and walk the 500 metres to the supreme court. We still beat Clarey and Co...
The whole ceremony was amazing. We were so proud of Clare and loved that we were able to be there for her.
It has been a long journey but well deserved.
Afterwards after 1,000 photos with Als K Rudd camera it was off to lunch at Tossolinis..YUMO. iT WAS SO GOOD. And afterwards well what else would you do but go shopping at the very large and improvrd Canberra after about 5 hours and 200 dollars we were had it..
Clarey Came home with us and we spent the night drinking pink champagne ( which Danny has quite a taste for he has discovered) and eating cheese and chips and chocolate..obviously a "c" night..we played trivial pursuit on the WII which Daniel managed to cheat and win each game...Just a fun relaxing night.
Tomorrow we hope to catch up with Uncle Geoff and Joan tomorrow and also Donna Bush.
A fun day/weekend..shme it is so cold down here....


Phrog said...

just commenting to prove I read ur blog ps i dont need to cheat

Kirsty said...

Sounds like an AMAZING day! I can't even begin to imagine how proud you must have been! Enjoy the rest of your stay!