Saturday, June 13, 2009

OK my week..including my favs

This week has been a cracker..well whatever. It has seemed to fly by.
Last weekend was the best ever. We had Kirsty, Michael, Natty, Chari and Sammy home for a flying visit.

They rang wednesday night to tell us they were coming home...I was a bit sick on weds/ thurs so fri/ sat cleaned up a little...AJ was away for a few nights..whooping it up in Brisvegas at Clareys place (o ok she did go up for a grief workshop...a bit depressing the topic!!!) so her room ...well what can I say...

Anyway Saturday arrived and so did the 12.15,, they had left at 5.45 and 6 1/2 hours later they were at our place..drove straight through.
we had the best weekend. We ate, walked, spaaed, ate, went to the park, beached..etc It was so much fun.

I loved having them here. Mind you meal time is very dofferent cooking for 10 ( well Kimmy n Bethy came for meals too!!) but O so much fun. LOved it. The kids love "the shed" which is our garage turned into a play area. One morning Sammy did get up at 5.15 and went to "the shed" so funny but so cute...
Sammy in his "shed"

Molly begging for icecream

Molly in her element feeling the 'luve'


The things that made me smile this week was all to do with this wonderful weekend..
1..My family. I love having them around me..

Our great walk complete with scooters...
a quiet moment for a cute couple

Kirsty and I having a rare spa
2..My son-in-law Michael. Mike has been in our family now for 10 years and I just think he is amazing. I love the way he comes 'home' I love that he is just Michael..He hugs me, makes me smile/laugh and cry..He is so patient with my "farmer" daughter. He is really just awesome..he really rates as my FAV
My gorgeous son in law..."son"
3.. Natty and the fact that she is growing up. The funny things she says and does. The way she nearly walked into a car and her reaction of 'whoops" and quickly backed off the road. Yep she is a keeper.
At lennox "FREEZING"
4.. Chari..jumping out of the car as they were leaving to get her 'bible' that we had bought her and then left her binkie behind. Good girl Chari. Getting priorities straight..
5..Reading to my amazing grandchildren. It seems that as a Ginny (grandma) I am not terribly good at stuff..I don't sew, cook, garden, sing bush walk etc etc etc, things that other "ginnys" can do. But I can read. Since Christmas we have been wading through the wishing chair by Enid Blyton. Each night we read a couple of chapters before bed. All 3 kids. So sweet. As it is hard to get a book that all 3 like I figure , but old Enid seems to be doing the trick..


Thawing out AFTER being at lennox with a cup of hot tea/choc

Spa time

And so to the rest of the week..well it flew. I got really sick on Thursday aand as it coincided with the coldest day so far this year, it wasn't till I was home in bed that I realised I was running a fever, just thought I was cold all day..

No its not swine flu, just some gastric bug but feeling better each day..

Church picnic today. Good times. Have included a picture of me after AJ practised face painting on me.

Should be great. Sunny day and all..till next week...O NO>>>will be late next week as off to canberra for Clarey to be admitted to the law society..IN THE SUPREME CORT>O YEAH!! see Danny n Del and our new granddoggy Ellie

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