Monday, October 27, 2008

So tired AND ITS KIMMYS Birthday

I know my blog entries have been pitiful..I have been just so tired. I am very anemic and I am guessing that is the reason. To drive home at night is such an effort. I nearly go to sleep. I know pity party for Mary. Sorry No real excuses.
We also have one of our staff members who is very sick in hospital. She went in 1 and a half weeks ago and its not looking good. She is so sick. Cancer I beleive and everywhere. It has thrown us all into a spin. 57 and its all too much for us.
Anyway our baby Kimmy is 23 today!! When we realised I was pregnant with Kimmy it was like our world was coming to an end. We just couldn't cope. Our AJ had been a bit of a handful and the thought of another baby was too much. I booked in for a termination. No real counselling. It was that easy. And then God moved. I heard him say through a priest in church, that God puts mountains in our paths and we can take the easy path and go around the mountain or take his hand and go over the top...well I never thought of my Kimmy as a mountain BUT!!!!!
So yes we cancelled the appointment and went on to be blessed with the most amazing baby and child and adult. It was through all this that I became a christian. Before that I just went to church but it was after this that I realised that God cared for me Mary Tyson and what was happening in my world.
So 23 years on it is another birthday and another reason for me to celebrate he goodness of God. I can not imagine what life would have been like if Kimmy had never been born. Thank you God for all our children and I guess Kimmy was the icing on the top although at the beginning I thought the cake was great without icing!!!!

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Kirsty said...

:-) My lovely baby brother!