Sunday, October 19, 2008

10 favs as I missed 2 weeks (with apologies for doubling up)

1 my amazing Husband. He makes e laugh and smile and drives me crazy but I love and admire him so much
2 my children all of them..My own and my in law ones. Amazing bautiful people
3 Coffee..the smell and taste when you really need it..YAY
4.. Te ocean. The sound the smell wakin on the beach loveit
5..Fishing. I know its really gross but I love it. I love the feel of a BIG fish on the line ( not tha that has happened often but I do love it)
6.. Christmas when all my children re coming home. I am Sked, Yay good times.
7..Kimmy and Bethy comin home from OS after 8 weeks tomorrow night. Wat excited and makes me smile.
8..going to see Danny and Del in Canberra in 2 weeks. Fun times
9 flowers smelly flowers, I love roes lillies anything wirh a fragrance
10..O I had to do it Miss Molly. She makes me smile some days when I am so down...Love her to bits as well
hats it I did it..just like that 3 minutes and its done. It didn't hurt and I can go to bed..
See you next week

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Kirsty said...

woohoo! You did it!