Sunday, October 19, 2008

No apologies

OK my friday favs have gone a little by the way and I must admit I have had a challenging week or two.
I just thought I would share with my family what I discovered today.
The message at Church today was all about how we can carry things around with us for so long. We don't really realise it is there but it sort of eats you up...robs you of a lot of stuff. Well I went up for prayer afterwards and had some prayer but was not sure why or what was troubling me.
When I came home I talked t Big Al about it..well really I cried and cried. i realised that I have been living with disappointment for the last 10 years. I realised that every step of theway for me has been disappointment after disappoinment.
I actually said that I feel like 10 years ago I was handed a death sentence. I know pretty heavy but it was ood for me to finally be able to articulate what I have lived with.
Ther was a lot of tears and my amazing husband sat and held me and let me cry. Crty for what to me has been the lost 10 years where I have struggled with my health. The fact that I see now how many health problems I face because of all my transplant that has never gone so aches and pains and suddenly I am 51 and what is in store for me..
Anyway just wanted my family to know I love them and sorry for the times I am a bit fat flat(whoops typo as Al pointed out but then??????) but I am beleiving that now God has opened my blind eyes it will be on wards for US!!!!

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Love you heaps and heaps and heaps.