Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 Friday Favs

OK so the week has been less then ordinary so really it scratching the ol brain to think of favs....
1.. after coming home so tired last night I again have to rate my bed.. I love it, I love it, I love it

2...Time off fromwork. Yes time to waste...well time to NOT have to rush to work and if I stay in my PJ's till 11 o'clock who cares????

3..the freedom of I can't go for walks while my foot is broken..I MISS IT SO MUCH

4..air conditioning. I know I know really bad for the environment.. bUT i love it. Summer is fast approaching and the thought that I can sleep in comfort is Fantastic. I mean to say.. that has to be much better for the world. You are less stressed, less tired etc etc etc.. that's my story and I am sticking to it.

5..Family.. My family keeps me happy always. I love talking to them, being with them, listening to them. Where would I be without ALL my family.

OK I did it. See even when you have had a shocker of a week there are always things to make you smile..

Thanks for dropping by


Dena said...

Hold up, you broke your foot? I missed that! You poor thing you.
I hope that you are being taken care of :)
Great list this week and THANK GOD for air conditioning huh. We are in Fall now, but it sure was a lifesaver during the summer time here.
Have a fantastic weekend!

pink4u said...

Great List!! I love my bed too!! We are just starting Fall...although its 92 here!! Take Care!! and baby your foot..I know that must really hurt!
Have a wonderful week!!