Wednesday, October 29, 2008

5 favs for Friday (early I know)

My five favs are early this week but I have missed a few weeks so...
* Swimming when its hot.
* Peaches and Nectarines
* Surprises really cool cause I am hard to surprise
* Christmas (and everything that ges with it)
* Flowers ( smelling them)
Thats it for today
I have photos from Kimmys party that I will download when I get home. We played put the nose on the clown and tip of your tongue..good times!!!!


Kirsty said...

The kids are loving stone fruit at the moment...Sam calls all peaches 'peaches from the peach tree of heavenly wisdom" Quite a mouthful when he is hungry and wants a peach!

Dena said...

Man I love peaches and nectarines as well. The crops here in Oregon didn't turn out at all because we had snow in either April or May, cant remember what month and it killed all the peach crops. SO very very sad.