Friday, September 19, 2008

My 5 Favs.... on saturday

OK so I am a little late but it was on my mind all day I reckon that counts!!!!
1... Washing Molly (our little dog).. Well actually I don't relly love washing her but I love when I have finished aND SHE GOES JUST A BIT PSYCHO!! She smells lovely and clean for a brief period. I do blow dry her and she is slowly getting used to it. Not sure if she will ever love it but I love when she is happy AND clean,
2... Buying a present for my Sammy, number 1 grandson and finding out it would have made it to his 5 favs IF he was dedicated enough to do them!!
3..Ne mown grass. I love the smell. It can take me back to long hot summer evenings when I was little and dad would mow the lawn and we would go out the back and rake in our little girl PJ's like Clare had (well I think all the girls had) when she did santa Claus is coming to town.
4..Thunderstorms at night when I am in bed. I am very frightened of Bad storms and living on the coast we get a fair few but I love thunder and lightening at night time. I could lay in bed forever listening.
5.. Going to the movies. Alan and I went this morning to see Mumma Mia nd it was good fun. Easy to watch and just enjoyed it. Very relaxing.
Ok so I jhave a bit of variety this week no thread to link...a bit f randomness. A LOT like my brain


Kirsty said...

Love them mumsy!!! Sam totally would have had his metal head robot as a fave :-)

Dena said...

I love your list too!
I posted on Saturday as well. Nothing wrong with that ;)
I love how you reference your hubs as your boyfriend. That just made me sigh!