Friday, September 26, 2008

5 friday favs

* I LOVE Fridays..well actually I love Thursdays because that means its nearly Friday..LOVE IT!!!! Number 1 this week is Fridays.

* I love meeting Alan in town for coffee, wine, lunch, a walk or whatever. I love spending time with my amazing husband. He is so precious. Drives me insane at times but I love him heaps.

* Walking on the beach. I love that so much. Lucky I live so close to the beach. Unfortunately I don't do it nearly often enough. The smells, the water, the sand the freshness I Love it.

* I love the view I get every morning near my house when I drive over the hill..I see the water when its grey and miserable, when its blue, when its sparkling, when its rough and angry, when its windswept and huge, and when there are whales and dolphins. I love seeing the boats and the surfers yes I love it. I remember when we went to live in Canberra and everyone said "you'll miss the beach" and I'm like I so won't and o my gos I so did. I used to squint as I walked around lake Burly Griffin and pretend it was the ocean.

* I love soft tissues. The large soft ones. So gentle on my nose. ow I know that was a bit random but its so true.My nose has been a little snuffly and they are great. Instead of using 2 or 3 tissues a go I only need one. O YEAH!!!
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Dena said...

Soft tissues have been a blessing for me this week as well. Stupid Sniffles. Hit my family this week. Dang, I should have put those on my 5 Faves LOL!
I loved your list this week. I love walking on the beack as well. Although my DH hates sand. So usually Zoe and I hoof it alone.
I hope you have a fabulous weekend Ginny!

Kirsty said...

I need a walk on the beach, my feet have been sadly neglected all winter and they need some sanding LOL

I miss you mummy...are you sick enough to need a nurse???? I'm happy to pull the 'my mum had a kidney transplant card' Bwahahahah