Thursday, September 11, 2008

Its going to be Friday AGAIN!!!!

O my gosh where do the weeks go!!
I am very excited as I have tomorrow off and o so for the next few weeks. My foot is in a stupid ugly "retard" boot and I am having x rays and scans tomorrow..It has a fracture (they think) and thus the ugly shoe.I am supposed to be off it for 6 weeks or as much as I can..trouble is it feels so much better with the ugly shoe thongy on I don't want to rest.
We had a great chat with Kimmy last night which was their weds morning. They LOVE Switzerland..I miss them heaps but am thrilled they are having such a cool time. Kim loves driving n the wrong side of the road and the fact that the speed limit in Switzerland is 130 k's and hour.. How funny.
I will be back with my 5 favs tomorrow..

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