Friday, September 12, 2008

5 favs

Kim in his element. He loves the slippers from these motels. MMind you I don't think Dan would get his foot in them

Ok its that time of the week again..

* I love coffee...I am addicted. I especially love coffee from the coffee club. It rates as my number 1!!!!

*2 I love my mobile phone. What I did before I had one I donot know. I can keep in touch so easily. I think I have had a mobile for about 12 years now...seems like forever. It means there were a lot of years missing when I was without one.

* 3 Ok so now I am on a theme. A dishwasher. I have only had one for about 5 years..Arg how did I cope before that. Its agreat storage facility to quickly clean up, and I have now discovered that I can also put everything in even all my pots. I just do 2 loads..der!! why did I not do that before.

* 4 My microwave. O yes baby. My friend. We got one forever ago. We got Al's Mum and Dads old one when they eft Sydney so it must have been the late 80's... mean I remember when (o my gosh I sound ancient) I cooked mash potatoes in a saucepan and ket dinners warm on a saucepan of boiling water. OK shoot me mnow I am way too old.

* The internet. What did we do without that. Today I woke up to about 48 photos from Kim n Beth in Europe.of Switzerland and the Mona Lisa ( I don't think they are supposed to take phtos in there) I can look at my childrens Blogs and talk to them when online ( I did briefly with Danny last night) Its great!!!

Have attached some photos of Kimmy and Beths photos but they are all on Bethys face book


danndel said...

LOL, what is it about Tyson men and hotel slippers?

Your right Daniel can't get his foot in them but he still gets excited :)

Dena said...

Hi! I followed the link from Kirsty's blog to yours :)
I think it is awesome that Mom and Daughter are both doing 5 Fave Fridays! I will link you up on the sidebar of my blog. And I am still needing to get a 5 Fave Fridays blinkie made up...Meant to do that this week.
I love coffee, internet and my dishwasher too! love how you paid homage to the everyday things we take for granted.

pink4u said...

SO glad you are joining Friday Favs...its so much fun to see what everyone has listed!
I love coffee too...while surfing AND running the dishwasher...(multitasking) LOL!!Honestly I can't imagine not having my phone!
Take care and thanks for sharing!!
Joanie :)