Monday, August 25, 2008

The shopping day.

The day was long but o so fun. I was sooo tired by 5.45 pm when we crawled back into the car...I think everything ached..

But we had had fun. The girls knew what they didn't want and roughly what they wanted.

We had great highlights...

***As we came out of the carpark in the city when the man said "thats 36" (after 4 hours parking) Kirsty wanted to say "was that cheap"

** when AJ asked the asian lady what colour blue did a dress come in and and when told AJ turned and told us it came in "cornfrower" Hilarious.

*** And as the lady approached Kirsty and AJ trying to interest them in a sarong/skirt in the myer centre and AJ says "we are SO NOT interested"

It was all good. Poor Clare was unwell but was amazingly calm. We all had a great time

This is Nat dancing her way through 1 shop
She loved the stand I think she is model material
Nat did bring her twin with her

OK so Nat was a real trooper and so I thought it only fit to include extra photos of her

Here is Nat and I at a bride shop, The whole crew on an escalator and Nat waiting for lunch
and so the day continued.. We had lunch at Hungrys "the burgers are better at hungry Jacks, O my gosh it was great. I really don't remember the last hungrys I had, It was GREAT.

This is Nat squished in the back while we went for a drive to underwood...1/2 way to Ballina...but on the way we did discover...

The factory outlet for Darrell Lea. O it was bad but o so good. I spent $6 and got 3 bags licorice, and 3 other bags of cool

and just ANOTHER bride dress shop...

NATTY WAS SHE WAS NOT SURE SHE WOULD GET UP AGAIN. Mind you this was at Carindale in David Jones
AJ trying to hitch a lift home with Nat

Coffee at last..Look how tired we all are

A long day but trust me one we will all remember


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