Sunday, August 10, 2008

OK time to update

I know I have been slack but it really has been a hideous week.
Well when I say hiddeous I just mean not enough hours to do stuff and too many things swamping me.
I developed the dreaded COUGH that when I get I can not get rid of and Al started his new job.

Gosh last Monday I must have used so much energy worrying about him and thinking of him. So the rest of the week I was just thinking of him every day. Meanwhile my cough gradually changed and got more chesty and more deadly as the week went by.

By Saturday I had a definite case of sinus. YUK. My nights have just been cough cough cough!!!!
I actually had a severe coughing fit in story time the other day and then lost my voice. Now that was embarresing.

Any how a new week and new things happening. Alan started doing a course monday evenings called man to man and we both start facillitsating a course called making marriage better on Wednesday so i am guessing we will be a little busy.

Alans new place of work is providing heaps of social interaction with the local crew and he seems to love it. I am still finding it hard to get my head around the fact he isn't at the library any more. Mind you I am a little concerned as Al has always had the tendency to be a bower bird and bring home all the cool stuff he sees. WOW he is now in bowere bird heaven!!!

We caught up with some friends 2 weeks ago from Canberra and it was so good to see them. They have been involved in the WYD and were a bit worn out. But great to see some enthusiasim in the catholic church.

Hope it hasn't been too cold in Canberra today Danny but if it has I hope it went the full hog and you did snow board right down the driveway.

I have a new fan who is commenting on my blog "bad girl" and so I have had to actually put some filter on my comments section..from one bad girl to another..


Phrog said...

No haven`t managed to get the snow board out yet, still hoping, but winter is soon ending, Good to see you finally updated your blog, hope you feel better soon, I can so relate to the bower bird syndrome, Al if you see some good stuff, bring it home for me :)

Kirsty said...

Hahahahahah!!! I thought your new friend was FUNNY!!! I even went and checked out her blog!!! I was worried after that that my email offering pen!s enlargements would increase, but no more than usual!!!

Sorry you are sick mumsy. Hopefully Dad will be able to control his hoarding instincts, and only bring home classy things! maybe he should brush up on some old eps of antiques roadshow so he doesn't miss any treasures! Love you! xxxxxxxx