Friday, August 1, 2008

The new spirit of Hervey Bay Boat

Al on the top deck. fantastic view
All the snazzy gear on board the spirit of Hervey Bay
Al with the Mantra at Hervey Bay in the background. Our unit was top floor 1 to the left of Als head

OK so whilst in Hervey Bay back when the weather was terrible, we went on the brand new you beaut boat the spirit of Hervey Bay. What a boat. 5 Levels of viewing room. Large LCD screens that show you whats happening outside..and under the boat. An amazing commentary.

I thought I would put some pictures on to show you this boat and some of the gear.. It was great and can't wait to go back again for a return visit..More pics of the Spirit of Hervey bay..
You may have guessed we were stoked to be the first trip out on this boat

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Kirsty said...

looks great! Erm, who is your new friend??? she's bad apparently!