Thursday, August 28, 2008

My five favs

OK so after my recent Brisbane jaunt...
* I love spending time with my children. Only wish they all could have been there
* I love the telephone and the fact that I can pick it up and talk to anyone the moment thats especially great as Kimmy and Bethy are OS
* I love my new little suitcase that is a cabin bag. It fits so much in..and its so handy
* I love my new tupperware happy chopper. Its the best. No more teary eyes and onions. FANTASTIC
* I love reading COMMENTS on my blog..It has been seriously lacking. It helps to motivate me to keep writing. Unlike Kirsty who gets heaps of readers and comments

1 comment:

Kirsty said...

Its cause I am cool! Nah, I leave comments everywhere, so people feel like they have to pay me back! LOL