Monday, April 5, 2010

WOW so excited..and not much packing happening

SOOOOO My husband discovered that on one of my previous blogs there was a comment about my blog being nominated for an interesting blog to read!!!!! MINE!!!! yep I was so excited I can not tell you. Mind you I know that I have an awfully interesting life and people come in droves to read all about me..and are amazed that my life is so interesting BUT I didn't realise that I was SO popular..
Now I know you regular blogees have probably already fuilled all your forms in submitted tham etc etc etc,,.. and then found out you were out of area..which I did (dam American stuff..or else they are already pilfering my exciting email account as I write) but it was a moment of intense excitement for me..So I am now fueled with enthusiasim and will endeavour to blog even more for my myriad of fans..hello....hello... to you all.

So we have continued to enjoy the long weekend with little packing going on. So far I have managed to watch about 12 hours of Emma Peel and John Steed in the Avengers (so lame but o so good)..

eat about 400gm of easter eggs

and clean out 2 or 3 cupboards..O well Alan is still home for 9 more sleeps.