Thursday, September 10, 2009

more NZ stuff and 5 favs)

well its friday and thought i would quickly do my 5 favs all the way from NZ.. Yep there have been way more then 5 but i guess i will do the real 5 so far

1..the alps as we flew in, They were so amazing.. I saw them from about 20 mins or more before I knew what they were..thought it was cloud (guess the name land of the long white cloud)..they were awesome.. so clear and amazing..

2.. the seals at the pool at Ohau (i think that is it) there are heaps of Maori names.. and can't quite get my mouth and brain around them) They were so cute..friendly even..playing and having fun. If I went back i reckon if you took a ball they would play with it)

3/.. the views..the one at Kiakoura from the town..the sea and the mountains and snow so amazing.. yesterday as we travelled through the mountains Bulla pass I think it was mountains. They do vertical very well..then the drive from westport to here at Punnikiki..WOW..very rugged coastline but majestic..even though it was drizzling rain..

4.. the pancake rocks and blowhole here at be seen to be was wet and miserable but still was just incredible..and afterwards went to the local tavern for a wine or 2 and sat inf ront of the fire..gorgeous.

5..the wekas a local bird. About the size of a bantam hen and are described as a bush fowl..similar in colouring to a kiwi.. one frightened the heck out of me at cape Foulwind as I was getting in the car..almost hopped in with me..Al is still laughing about it ans is one of his personal favz..!!!

Well thats to keep to all..we are loving this and the things we are experiencing..hope to read your 5 favs next time I am on..


Kirsty said...

hahaha! he knew the kids wanted a pet bird all the way from NZ ;)
Can't wait to see the lovely pics I am sure you have been taking!

Phrog said...

Sounds like you`re having fun, enjoy it, I`ll be on your next holiday, I know you miss having 5 kids with you on holiday.

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