Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 15..Oamaru

Our morning view from porthole
We awoke early and stood on the bed and looked out the porthole. we were about 60cm above water line. It was a very grey light as it was early, but a clear sky. We figured we had been sleeping under the waterline...weird!! We quickly got dressed and went up on deck. IT WAS FREEZING. But beautiful. Most other people slowly arose too and as we stood and watched and took photos the sun started touching the mountains..It was berautiful. Al got us coffee and that was wonderful. It is hard to describe just how cold it was.
At about 6.45 a rooster began crowing on the boat to wake everyone up who wasn't already up. A cute way to get people up and going. Breakfast at 7.30 and the boat underway soon after. Out to the Tasman sea. First time this season. We were up on deck but it was rough and freezing (did i mention it was cold)
Then it was a mad scramble to get ready to be dropped off at the underwater observatory. We had paid for that when we booked. We had not realised that we left the boat then and were returned to the terminal on another boat.

The sun kissing the mountainsHeading out to the Tasman
So at the observatory..it was just Alan and I that got dropped off. Funny!! Yep we had the whole place to ourselves complete with 2 staff. The reef under Milford sound was pretty awesome. Its about 15 m under the water but because of the high rainfall..Milford sound had a layer of fresh water on top and sea water under. The sfresh water acts as sunglasses so its quite light down so deep. Fascinating. When our 30 mins was up it was back to the top to discover a huge sea cat ready to take us back. Yep 10 staff a huge cat and Alan and I..so funny. "Its ok Al I'll save you a seat" The trip back was eventful as the boat nearly ran aground. But it was so fun.
We then set off on our trip back. We had no plans and decided to just go until we found somewhere we wanted to stay.
We stopped and had a snowball fight..the tunnel was not as scary when I was ready for it..plus going up hill so way slower
We travelled once again across the country. From Milford Sound to Dunedin..When we arived there we were tired and cross but really busy there (we nearly got divorced) so we kept going and arrived about 8pm at Oamaru. The drive across was amazing. we came across rolling green hills..that were awesome.
We finally found a little spot north of the town  http://www.391oamarumotorlodge.co.nz/ Then it was time to organise dinner as we were both suffering low blood sugar levels. Of course it was  the rugby night so Alan decided NOT to wear his wallabies jacket. The pubs were thick with people. I saw a few naked men doing a run through a car park. But we did find a lovely spot and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Then it was home to bed.

Yes the Tasman

A typical Milford Sound view..note the day

Al in an action shot just b4 it hit me

O so green..on our way to the East Coast

Gore..a sister city of Tamworth

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