Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just thought I would do 5 favs

Gosh its been so long..I realy apologise to my myriad of friends..\

My 5 faves this week are..

1.. having my friend Lara back. I didn't realise how much I missed her..but she is now back and staying within 2 hours reach so I am stoked.

2. Knowing my daughter Kirsty is so her painting. I already knew she was talented as her scrapping is awesome..but her painting is WOW. check out her blog..

3. Having time alone in the house. Al is out at his photothingy tonight and AJ breezed in for 5 mins and is gone again. Its just me and Molly..good times..

4. A glass of icy cold white wine after a long hot nice and refreshing..and relaxing o YES.

5. Going to the Melbourne cup luncheon with my sister and friends Jenny and Marilyn. So fun and so good..Jenny and Helly and I all won stuff (Helly even won a bottle of wine lucky door prize) It was good fun..We really enjoyed dressing up and wearing our 'fascinators'.

Thats it for my favs..I thought I would add an extra list for this week..things that make me foul

* Hot We have had hot weather (around 30-35) since August on and off..YUK What will summer bring???

* Plus then there is the was sauna like..Horrid horrid

* being on a diet..I have been on one my whole life (well never just eating what I want. Always thinking thats not good..shouldn't have that. I'd love to never have to worry and just eat whatever I like.

* blood tests..trying to get in early. All the old dears who have nothing better to do hen race down to the pathology office at sparrows. (a really important day for them) Heck I MUST have my blood tests done TODAY at sparrows. One almost gets run over by the motorised scooters..rushing down to the pathology office..NOOOOOO

* House cleaning..I hate that too..wish I could get someone into clean. I feel I would allow someone to do what they are passionate about.. and then I wouldn't have to do something I really hate.

Ok enough for this week..I will keep up with my NZ holiday. Hope you are enjoying my day by day commentary.  I can tell you are by all your comments..LOL

Ok thats it

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Kirsty said...

I share many of your pet hates this week mumsy. Mick only remarked the other day that he had forgotten how cranky i get when its hot LOL

My blog thingy must be broken cause it was saying you hadn't updated for a month!

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